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Never Lost In Translation

PolarRain is the leader in mobile machibe vision including mobile visual text translation, mobile optical charcater recognition and mobile document triage.

We are the only company that provides accurate and real time translation of multilingual text (including Arabic, Korean and Japanese) on mobile devices merely form low resolution images taken by ordinary camera phones.

Our products truly bring the power of image processing and machine vision to mobile devices. Our unique and efficient algorithms process images and video on mobile devices. We can locally process information on the mobile devices and seamlessly interact with the servers for heavy lifting, thus providing always available, reliable information anywhere, anytime.

Polar Rain has brought the top researchers together who have unique academic qualifications as well as many years of experience in image processing, computer vision and language translation.

We actively conduct defense related cutting-edge research, and work with US Government, including but not limited to Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security.